Lanier Campgrounds

The Lanier Campground was located on River Road, Eliot, Maine.  The campground was started by the name, “The Woodland Farm” in 1908 and about 1920, the name was changed to “Lanier’s Campground”.

This campground was founded by Sidney Lanier Jr. and his wife, Elizabeth.  Sidney’s brothers, David and John worked on the campground with the family for many years.  This children’s campground was of a high caliber and had many programs of learning for the boys and girls that attended there.

They were taught such things as arts and crafts, cooking, housekeeping, dancing, gardening, and played games used in New England campsites.  They were also taught about safety while taking swimming and boating lessons. These children had an opportunity to pick apples and other fruit on trees they had never had a chance to see in their city homes.

This educational and artistic school closed in 1939/40.

Sidney’s father, Sidney Lanier Sr, was a poet Laureate from the state of Georgia.  They named a large lake in that state after the famous Sidney Lanier Sr, also.

A postage stamp was issued in August, 1970, honoring Sidney Lanier, Sr, as an American poet. It was an 8 cent stamp, (Scott Stamp book # A-860).

Today, this property is the home of Doctor and Mrs. William Gilbert at #241 River Road. The small portable camps have been moved off the property throughout the years, but the house has been kept in excellent repair.  The large barn that joins the house area has been restored to its original siding and condition by the Gilberts.