Frost Tufts Park on Old Road was given to the Town of Eliot in 1916 as a gift from the estate of Susan E. (Frost) Blume of Boston.  Susan Blume was born in 1836 and as a young girl lived with her parents Reuben and Eliza Ann (Cole) Frost on the 9 acre farm located where the park now sits.  Susan eventually moved to Boston and married Nathaniel Tufts, owner of a gas meter company.  Susan lost her husband in 1890 and her 31 year old son, Nathaniel W. S. Tufts, in 1893.

Susan was married to Judge Jarvis C. Blume of Chicago until his death in 1910.  Susan Blume died May 3, 1916 in Boston at the age of 80.  Throughout her adulthood she would come back to visit the family farm in Eliot and thought it a fitting gift to bequeath her family’s Old Road farm as a public park named in honor of her parents and her husband and son.