Capt. Daniel Paul – Historic Marker

The Historic Marker is installed on a large rock in the stone wall at the property at #34 Varney Lane, Eliot, Maine (off Main Street).

The historic marker is inscribed as follows:

In the year 1640, Capt. Daniel Paul arrived in his own ship, “Experience” on the Long Reach of the Piscataqua River from Ipswich, England.  For over 300 years, this was the homeplace of the Paul Family. R.W. & E.C. Mullins 1993

Daniel Paul was one of the early traders in Kittery, Maine (York County). He owned 55 acres of land in South Eliot and was a businessman of the time.

He was one of the signers of the “Submission of Maine to Massachusetts” in 1652 at William Everett’s Tavern.  Today a plaque is in place on #248 River Road, indicating the location where Everett’s Tavern set.

At a meeting of the Field Officers and Captains of the Regiment of Militia in York County that set the areas for people to go during an Indian attack, Daniel Paul was selected to use his home as a garrison to protect his neighbors against the Indians.