Final Thoughts

By Donald Ketzler

My recalling and writing about my experience of growing up in Eliot are, in many respects, a celebration. A celebration of childhood experiences and discoveries. A celebration of the importance of family, the gifts of teachers and mentors, the fact that hardship comes but can be overcome, the blessings and beauty of nature, and for me the discovery of the joy of making music. This discovery came in that one room schoolhouse with the simple singing of songs with my classmates.  This joy has been like a faithful friend that is always there and has never diminished over  the years.

In 2008 I celebrated my 50th year as organist at First Calvary Baptist Church in North Andover giving a concert and composing a musical version of the 23rd Psalm for the choir to sing. If I were to paraphrase the words of that well known Psalm they would reflect my feeling about the joy of music.

“The joy of music is a shepherd I shall not want, etc——–”