Elaine Paul 1927



In Elaine Paul’s description of the founding of the Eliot Church of the Nazarene she relates the following about when her mother had Scarlet Fever in 1927 and she and her dad were staying with grandmothers Olive Tobey and Luella Paul. The quarantine lasted for a month and every day her dad went down and took care of the furnace in the basement, left supplies outside the door and snuck image517in to see his wife.  So my friend Thelma Stacy and I planned to meet a couple of boys.  The boys were Edmund Morin whose father ran the brickyard and he borrowed his father’s horse and buggy and picked up Bernard Rogers and we took a ride down around South Eliot. When we came back by the way of Pleasant Street and were passing Staples Store, which was across the street from my home, I discovered my Dad was getting ready to come back to my grandmother’s. Well, I guess you know, Ed whipped the horse and ran him all the way to Greenwood Street, where my
grandmother lived. I made a quick exit and ran in the front door just as my dad drove in the yard! I was glad he had a Model T Ford that didn’t travel very fast. It was probably some time before I divulged myimage516 secret.

Elaine Paul’s parents Gertrude and Eugene founded the Eliot Church of the Nazarene.  She died in 2007.