The Rev. John Rogers Grave Stone

The Rev. John Rogers was the first Congregational Minister in Eliot.  He first preached from 1714 to 1721, at which time the Congregational Church was incorporated, June 22, 1721.  He continued to serve as minister until 1768 (54 years of service). His parsonage home was the last house on Old Road as we know it today.  It was a small cape at this time.

His church set in the rear of the road now called “Leighton Lane”, just off the beginning of River Road.  In the early days, the parish cemetery was located south of the road until the modern route of River Road was established so that it is now on the north side of the road on the west side of 258 River Road.

John Rogers was born on Jan. 27, 1692 and died on October 16, 1773 at 81 years old.  He and his wife, Susannah Whipple Rogers are buried in the “Old Parish Grave Cemetery” on River Road, Eliot, Maine.  At one time, the old “Ferry Lane” that led to the river from the “Old Road”, was opposite the old David Lanier Farm, now on River Road.  The cemetery today is backed by a large wooden fence.

This lane also led to “Watts Fort”, a small island which has since vanished through the years.

There are also other stones in this cemetery that are completely buried with dirt and tree leaves showing many, many years of decay.

The inscription on the large white marble stone is as follows:

Rev. John Rogers

First Minister of Eliot


Born Ipswich, Mass.

Jan. 27, 1692

Died Eliot Oct. 16, 1773

Beside Him Lies His Wife

Susannah Whipple, Dau. of Maj. John Whipple

And Katherine Leighton

Born April 3, 1696

He was a direct descendant of the Martyr