The Frost Garrison

The Frost family first acquired this property in 1660.  In 1711, there were many garrisons in the North Parish area.  The Frost Garrison was built in 1732, and was followed by a small garrison which was later used as a powder house.  This place was the only triple compound (house – garrison – powder house) built by a family.

The large garrison, built for the neighborhood, was built in 1738.  This garrison was used for protection against possible Indian attacks.

In recent years, the old powder house was disassembled and taken to the Sir William Pepperell House at Kittery Point, Maine.

The powder house remained at Kittery Point from 1948 to 1971, when Joseph Parsons brought it back, piece by piece, and relocated it on the original site at Frost Hill.

These buildings were all restored in 1971.

The garrison is the only known 18th century set of buildings in the United States erected strictly as a fortress against Indian attacks by a family.

The Frost Garrison has been officially approved as a “National Historic Shrine” which was then noted by Senator Margaret Chase Smith when she was our Maine State Senator.  The year was 1971.

Today it is 23 Garrison Drive.