Noah Emery House

The Noah Emery House is now on #985 Goodwin Road, Eliot, Maine.  The Old Emery House originally had an “L” on the right end of the building, but this portion was burned and was never rebuilt.

The historical Marker reads:

Noah Emery House

Office of the 1st. Kings attorney

In the Provence of Maine

Upon the death of Gov. Hill in 1912, Mrs. Hill donated 8 historical markers to the town of Eliot and this was one of them.

Noah Emery was born in 1699.  He was admitted to the Bar in 1725.

He was the first resident lawyer in the state of Maine.  Between the years of 1741 and 1759, he was the King’s Attorney.  He held a Capt. rating in the Maine Army; fought against Indians from Canada, and set up scouting activities to secure the safety of the Eliot citizens of his time.