Cherryneuk Tea Room

This story is about the old farm on River Road that was bordered by Cammock’s Creek and was originally owned by Mr. J.R. Stacy (Today #402 River Road).  In the early years of the 1930’s, the building was converted to the “Cherryneuk Tea Room”. It was started by two maiden ladies, Miss Edna Thomas and Miss Melanie Murdock.  They specialized in hot tea, cider in season, cold milk, thin sandwiches, cupcakes and toast of many types.

Later, this farm was sold by the ladies and Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins rented the property.  At this time, the property was sold to Mr. Kinsley, who wanted to keep the farm in operation.

In the spring of 1946, Ted and Alberta Hawkins were employed by Mr. Alan and Mrs. Madalyn Kinsley to operate the farm as a pleasure farm that would pay for its operation.  The farm consisted of riding horses, cows, pigs, chickens and other farm animals including pet rabbits the children acquired. Mr. and Mrs. Kinsley were reasonably well to do at this time and lived in the ‘Kittery House”, now located at #374 River Road.

The Hawkins children, Norma Irene, twins Betty Lea and Steven Theodore, and Roberta Jean assisted their parents and attended Eliot schools.

Mr. Hawkins died in 1948 and the family moved to another location in Eliot and the farm was operated by others during this time.

The property was later sold to Cmdr. William Mostellar, who was in the service of the U.S. Navy for many years.  He rented the farm until his retirement. The Cmdr. and his wife moved into the farm about 1973 and planted many flowers and flowering bushes.  Minor changes were made to the buildings. The large barn was torn down from the property.

In the 1980’s Mr. Mostellar sold the farm to John and Jane Warburg.  They made many changes in the property and rebuilt the old tea room and converted it into a garage.  The property today is very scenic and has many beautiful flowering bushes and plants.

The property borders the now-named “Shapleigh Old Mill Pond” on the north-east side.